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Our aim is: to co create with you, a garden and living space that exceeds your expectations. To achieve this, we first collect as much information as possible from you and your garden. Below is a brief description of the Innoscape design process.  Scroll down.  

Step 1


A topographical survey of your land will be carried out and drawn up in a CAD format. This will include: the footprint of the house, the garden boundaries, manhole covers, fall pipes and drains. The survey will also include: levels, existing features and trees. The information gathered  in the survey helps us create a scale plan that can be used to communicate initial ideas. It will later provide the base plan that the concept design will be built upon.  Scroll down.  

Step 2



We will discuss any ideas you may already have and get a feel for your style and the direction you may want the project to take. There will be time to discuss existing elements to retain and/or enhance (like certain views or focal points). We will also identify any existing negative issues, both visually and functionally, such as poor drainage, access problems or areas that need increased privacy. During this stage it is a great time to show us any photos, magazine cut outs or websites that you like the look and feel of. This is the beginning of the design process and will inform the whole concept. Whilst on site, we will do a site analysis. This involves tasks such as: taking soil samples, identifying (if possible) prevailing wind direction and noting wildlife signs and any unique characters of the site.  Scroll down.   

Step 3


This is the creative part and, depending on the requirements of the project, can be anything from a quick sketch to a full colour 3D model. We will then produce scale drawings that will communicate the new space. As the plans are produced to scale, decisions can now be made about materials, their quantities and therefore the budget. The concept stage is the time to fine-tune the landscape elements to your liking.  Scroll down.  

Step 4



Once a concept design is produced, various other plans may be required for the project. Master plans and specifications are drawings and documents that provide detailed construction information. They include: setting out plans, construction details, sections/elevations, drainage plans and written specifications. These documents make accurate pricing of the project possible and can save large amounts of time and money in the construction stages. Some or all of these documents may only be necessary on more complex projects. Scroll down.  



For clients who like to plant their own gardens, the Concept Design, mentioned earlier, will provide more than enough detail. It will show information on planting areas, proposed tree and hedge position and the tree and hedge species. However, Innoscape also offer a planting plan service. The fine detail in the planting plan shows the name and eventual spread of each plant and is used for plant ordering and positioning. These can be prepared with a maintenance schedule so that clients can look after or advise good practice in caring for the garden for years to come. We are often asked to design other garden elements such as summerhouses, potting sheds, sculpture and even lighting themes, please feel free to enquire about any unique design elements you may require.



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